The pursuit.

Years ago I had a vision of what I would build. I even began to gather the materials, built a prototype, was gaining a bit of a reputation, and then I stopped. It wasn't time. I couldn't give "this" what ever it was the attention it needed. The introspective detail, the pursuit of excellence, the drive and time to make it what I dreamed it could be wasn't afforded to me at that time.

But oh how the turn tables.

Welcome to "this".
To something small, but with the vision to be something great.
To a feeble attempt to make an impact.
To a man pursuing his dreams and building upon it.

Welcome to Salt

Why Salt?

I'm not in the business of giving all the answers away in the first chapter, but I will say "Salt" preserves, it enhances, it's in the ocean. What more do you want from me?

What's the dream?

I want to invest in people's potential. No. Seriously. That's the dream. Simple as that. What Salt is today, is not what I want it to be; A guy, "myself", building brands and websites for clients, cashing a check, and moving on. I want to build an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration. I want to build a team I can invest into, so that "we" can in turn invest into our client's potential, giving them something that makes waves.

What now?

Well now I start moving forward. Seeking out great brands and clients to invest into and build. Continually tweaking and making my website the best it can possibly be, and writing hopefully great content on the blog on a semi-regular basis.

Thanks for checking it out, and make sure you stay connected to see what happens next!

Stay Salty