Breaking down the barriers.

Red. Green. Blue. Three seemlessly simple parameters we use on a daily basis, but they have endless value. The different hues and shades, the way “out of the tube” green can feel like Christmas, but then remove a little saturation and add in some shades and you enter into an elven forest.

Color is transformative. But it all starts with three values. If you take those 3 parameters and viewed them as barriers, as walls that you couldn’t escape, that were holding you back, you would never reach into their potential. You would never do that though because you know what you can accomplish with just RGB.

What if we took this same approach to not just “color” but to all the parameters we come across.

  • Time
  • Budget
  • People

We can view those as a barriers, things that inhibit us of accomplishing what we deem as “excellent” or we can view them as unquanitifiable parameters that can be manipulated to help produce a desired end goal. I can’t make a minute an hour, or $20 dollars be 200 or my team of 9 to be a team of 32. They are set values as where RGB can make multiple variations of colors. It would seem to be an unfair comparison, but give an artist “out of the tube” RGB and he will manipulate those colors to create the scene in his mental eye.

The same should be for leaders. That we don’t view our time, budget and team as barriers, as excuses, but as parameters. Paranters that we can manipulate to get the result we desire.

To really make this idea effective you have to let your level of “excellence” be fluid. You should always strive for it but given your parameters you should know what “that” is.

In all honesty you can’t build the Titanic with 3 people in two days. If that is where your level of excellence is set at you will come short, but what you could build is a killer canoe. So you set out to manipulate your parameters to not just make a floating stick because you are said that you can’t create what you had dreamed, but to build the best freaking canoe mankind has ever set eyes upon.